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Air Freight Forwarding


As an environmentally conscious company we have modernized our fleet to run faster and more efficiently. The new Volvo’s VNL’S feature a new updated D13TC engine with a 10% improved fuel efficiency and steeper torque curve for better pull with heavier freight, a I-SHIFT 12 speed automated transmission for optimal fuel economy and power at any gear. The VNL’s 760 and 860 feature a roomy interior well suited for any task, from taking a meal, filling up paperwork and resting from long days on the road everything is a breeze on this industry leading interior.

Air Freight Forwarding


Perishable loads should always have special conditions for their preservation such as refrigeration, preservatives or vacuum bags.The products included in this group are fruits, dairy, vegetables, meats, derivatives, seafood. Whether it’s keeping food within a safe temperature range or ensuring air can flow throughout the packaging (i.e., fresh produce), thoughtful consideration has to be given to each element. It can be especially challenging in today’s competitive landscape where efficiency and the lowest cost solution weigh heavily in decision-making.

Air Freight Forwarding


We have partnered with Utility to bring the latest technology in trailers to our fleet with the vanguard trailers. Featuring the latest air ride technology our trailers are perfectly suited for fragile freight while keeping heavy bulk freight secured with incorporated 12” vertically stacked logistics on each panel that allows maximum efficiency when placing cargo securement tools such as straps and load bars. Utility focuses also, in reliability and efficiency making trailer off recycled materials and using hefty suspension systems that also maximize fuel economy.

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As a contractor we promise to take care of transportation, to make your shipments travel safe, fast and on time.

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